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Making dream homes happen since 2015, Dekoruma is a rapidly-growing tech startup aiming to put a stop to the inefficiencies that have long occurred in the Home & Living industry.
We believe that everyone is entitled to easy access not only to quality furniture at an affordable price, but also economical home design and its nitty-gritty. Since its establishment, we have launched vertically integrated business units (and even more to come), two of them being interior design services and material supply store.
While interior design services and furniture manufacturers remain abundant, there has yet to be a one-stop platform that actualises the A to Z’s of realizing your dream homes. Dekoruma intends to be the one answer to this demand.
Impactful is our middle name. Creativity is in our DNA. Dekoruma - where you work for a cause, and not just for applause.
We hold one principle so dearly we swear by it: prime performance will deliver even more supreme results.
Team Work
Skills win battles, but teamwork wins wars. At Dekoruma, teamwork is highly valued because two heads, after all, are better than one.
Employee Well-Being
We believe that employees are our greatest assets that define our success. Your wellbeing and satisfaction are our first and foremost priority.
Let’s talk about perks...
Employee Happiness
Your happiness is always on top of our agenda! We continuously think of recreational activities that will refresh your brain, body and soul.
Various kinds of allowance
We realize there are more basic needs than what meets the eyes. Worry not, we have come up with the best plan there is for health allowances.
Employee Sports Club
As old saying “Mens sana in corpore sano” goes, there would not be great work without a healthy body. Sweat away all those work dramas!
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